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The Thankyou Movement – written by Kelly Rostron, Client Manager

The Thankyou Movement – written by Kelly Rostron, Client Manager.

I recently had the absolute privilege of attending the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) conference in Cairns QLD, where one of the key note speakers was Daniel Flynn who is the Victorian Young Australian of the Year in 2014. His presentation was so engaging that he had the room hanging onto his every word – Iʼd like to share his story with you today.

At the age of 19, Daniel decided that he needed to make a difference to provide safe water for people in developing countries after reading that young people in the developing world can spend their whole day collecting water and it can be the poor quality of this water which ends up tragically killing them and their families.

With no start up capital, Daniel established “Thankyou Water” which is a company that all profits from bottled water sales got to fund water projects in Africa & South East Asia. Daniel told stories of being knocked back at every turn in trying to get the bigger retailers to stock his product, and the perseverance he had and the support through social media to make sure that the product and the water issue in these countries could not be ignored.

Due to this Danielʼs drive and support from social media, Thankyou Water is now stocked at over 2,000 outlets across the country.

One of the great things about Thankyou Water or the Thankyou Movement is that each bottle has a unique number on it and you can locate the exact project that the product you have purchased has been assigned to “Track your impact” so you feel like you are part of making a difference. Along with the water, Thankyou now also manufactures foods such as oats & muesli bars where the funds go to short term food aid and also long term sustainable solutions as well as body care products where every bottle helps provide access to hygiene and sanitation programs for someone in need.

Listening to Daniel speak was inspirational and hearing what you can achieve with determination, perseverance and most importantly — not taking no for an answer! Daniel statement “Impossibility is only someoneʼs opinion, not a fact” and it seems he is only just starting out on his journey for change.

I was so impressed with Daniel and the work he is doing with Thankyou that since the conference Iʼve been purchasing my Thankyou water and recently purchased the range of body care to use in my new house!

You can read more about the Thankyou movement and Daniel Flynn at:
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