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Building financial resilience

Resilience is the ability to quickly recover from setbacks, and while setbacks can come in many forms most of them will have a financial component. So what can you do to build financial resilience? Expect the unexpected Rarely do we get advance warning that something bad is about to happen […]

Economic update: October – December 2021

Coronavirus Victoria and New South Wales saw their economies roar back to life as they emerged from lockdown just in time for a new kid to arrive on the coronavirus block. Omicron spread around the world seemingly within days knocking Delta off the front pages. Appearing to cause less severe […]

Fascinating charts

I found the below charts extremely interesting and had to share! 1. Chart of the S&P500 Total Return Index, which shows all the “reasons to sell” since the GFC. To me it illustrates how focusing on short-term “noise” is not beneficial to your long-term investing goals. 2. This graphic shows […]

Don’t lose your home! Alternative ways to pay for aged care

Anyone who has helped an elderly relative make the move into aged care knows that it can be a traumatic experience. It involves a move from the familiar – a home that a loved one may have lived in for decades – to the unfamiliar, a care facility with many […]

How patience has paid off for long-term investors

According to Vanguard’s 2021 Index Chart, investors who stay the course tend to be more successful in the long run than those who try to time when to buy and sell. In early 2020, over just a few weeks, global share markets tumbled more than 35 per cent. Sparked by […]