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Three jaw dropping houses

In the spirit of the 87th Academy Awards ceremony we thought we would take a break from the serious side of investing and do some window shopping in the USA. Plus, who doesn’t like to have a sticky-beak at celebrity real estate?

Channing Tatum
He may not be an Oscar winner but my oh my, he’s a winner in many female fan’s eyes. The Magic Mike superstar purchased a $6 million ($7.6m aud) pad with his wife in Beverly Hills. The house is a 6-bedroom, 6-bathroom gated house with a pool, spa and outdoor fireplace. It sits on a cool acre in one of America’s most sought out postcodes 90210.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick
This celebrity duo are actually trying to sell their New York digs for a cool $19.95 million ($25.5 million aud). The Greenwich Village NYC town house is 25-foot wide and encompasses an impressive 6,800 square feet. It boasts 7 fireplaces, a landscaped garden and an exquisite amount of built in bookcases.

Markus Persson
You’re probably asking who is Markus Persson and we’re cheating a bit here — he’s not an actor. He’s a Swedish computer programmer who sold his company to Microsoft for $2.5 billion last year. If you’re dying to get to know him he developed MineCraft, a computer game millions of people play every single day. He purchased this exquisite 22,300-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion for a staggering (gives me heart palpitations) $70 million. He also outbid Jay Z and Beyonce for the pad! It features 8-bedrooms, a massive 15-bathrooms, a bar, fancy toilets worth $5.6k and a fully stocked M&M candy bar. It’s officially the most expensive house sold in LA — and he paid cash.

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