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Major changes are coming

– Australia’s aged care system is set to change significantly on 1 July this year. For most people, care fees will be higher for those entering care from 1 July 2014. Major changes include: – Removing the current distinction between high level care and low level care – Providing all […]

More than skin deep

————————————- The ‘bronzed Aussie’ is a cultural cornerstone. We’ve long associated the icon with all that’s Australian; the outdoors, the beach, and an active lifestyle. It’s virtually imprinted on our national psyche. So it’s no surprise that, despite medical research and mortality statistics that suggest otherwise, 50% of Australians still […]

The Happiness report: how Australia rates

————- – Australia has been rated the world’s 10th happiest country – While economic security matters, there’s more to happiness than being rich – To be truly happy, you need the freedom to live the life you want ————- A new report shows that Australians are among the world’s happiest […]

Six minutes on the Web

Here’s what happens in a minute on six of the Web’s biggest services — and how that’s changed in just one year:

Investment tips from the Melbourne Cup

—— The Melbourne Cup is the race the stops a nation — a chance to dress up, let our hair down and enjoy the spectacle of some of the world’s best horses competing for glory. But does Australia’s most famous horse race have anything to teach investors? Here are three […]