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Don’t Lose Your Identity

As personal fraud and identity theft increases in our busy society, it isn’t until something happens to someone close that we think about what we would do if it happened to us. But how often do we actually do something about it before it’s too late? What would you do if all of your legal identification cards were lost or stolen?

Most of us carry all of our legal identification with us either in a wallet or purse. Of course our intention is to never lose these items but it does occur, and it’s not just a case of IF it will ever happen to you, but how you manage this loss. Prepare now by printing off or copying the form below, completing the details and putting it in a safe place – just in case.

tableOther important documents

You should also keep other important identification paperwork such as your birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate, divorce papers, will, etc. in a safe place, preferably in a fireproof container. It’s also a good idea to take copies and give them to a family member or trusted friend.

Identity theft is a billion-dollar industry – take a few extra precautions to help make sure you don’t add to that statistic.

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