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Have You Ever Exposed Yourself?

When you were a teenager, did you like to bake in the sun to get that ever popular tan?

Do you have fair skin and burn a bright shade of red if your skin is exposed to the sun?

Have you ever used tanning beds to get that all over glow?

What about your moles? Do you have a rather large number of these over your body?

Have you had prior exposure to cancer causing agents such as arsenic?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, don’t panic, but realise these exposing risk factors can increase your chances of developing melanoma whether it was done on a regular or irregular basis.

Melanoma is a typically aggressive type of malignant growth found on the largest human organ; your skin. Basically your skin contains cells called melanocytes which produce melanin. This is a pigment that results in the darkening of the skin. Abnormalities in the cellular structure and behaviour of melanocytes is what causes melanoma.

According to the latest statistics, melanoma was the main diagnosis associated with an average of 9,951 hospital visitations per annum, based on information reported by Australian hospitals from 2008-2010.

The figures are consistent with The Cancer Council’s estimated melanoma incidence rate of around 10,300 cases per annum – almost 10 per cent of all cancers diagnosed in Australia each year.

The Cancer Council also highlighted that 1,430 Australian deaths were caused by melanoma in 2008.

Finding out you have melanoma not only is an emotional headache but can also be a huge financial burden on your clients and their families.

By arranging appropriate levels of death, disability and trauma cover, you can take tangible steps to ensure your own ongoing financial wellbeing and that of your family, in the event of death or significant disablement arising from a diagnosis of melanoma.

Don’t let yourself be exposed. Talk to your adviser about your insurance cover today!

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