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Just 30 minutes per day!

Our civilised way of life has removed much of the need for physical fitness. We now drive where once we walked and machines replace many of the chores of everyday life. For many of us, our work day is spent sitting in front of a computer, but looking at this long term could mean that lack of physical fitness can reduce the quality of life, stopping us from enjoying the things that used to be fun.

Health professionals recommend 3-4 sessions of up to 30 minutes of exercise every week. The exercise should raise your heart rate if it is to be beneficial. Here are five ways to make a difference to how you feel and get the most out of life.

1.  Washing and waxing your car for an hour

2.  Gardening for 45 minutes

3.  Riding a bike for 8km within 30 minutes

4.  Swimming laps for 20 minutes

5.  Running 2.5km in 15 minutes

If time is a problem do your exercise in 10-minute blocks (but remember to increase your heart rate). Keep a note in your diary so you can be proud of your achievements – although looking in the mirror will do that for you!

And always remember, before embarking on any new type of exercise, check first with your health professional.

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