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Major changes are coming

Australia’s aged care system is set to change significantly on 1 July this year. For most people, care fees will be higher for those entering care from 1 July 2014.

Major changes include:

– Removing the current distinction between high level care and low level care

– Providing all residents with the option to pay their accommodation fees as a lump sum or as a regular payment

– Limiting the amount of accommodation payment, meaning a higher amount can no longer be negotiated

– No longer allowing a facility to deduct a monthly retention amount from the accommodation amounts paid

– Allowing residents to select the types of extra services they receive from their selected facility and when they want to receive them

– Replacing the current income-bases care fee with one that is based on an income asset assessment

– Removing the daily care fee cap and replacing it with an annual and lifetime cap

If you or a loved one requires any assistance regarding Aged Care, please contact our Aged Care specialist, Graham Smith.

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