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Meet the next 11

Markets as diverse as Mexico and Indonesia could be the next China and India, and represent huge potential for visionary investors over the next decade.

Despite apprehension over corruption and economic and political instability, the next 11 – or N-11 – could present opportunities for investors willing to look outside the square.

Here are the countries where the investment opportunities may lie…

This heavily populated country needs massive investment in infrastructure. The economy is highly dependent on manufacturing and agriculture and requires macroeconomic and financial sector reform to improve efficiency.

Economic reforms over the past decade have lifted living standards and increased potential for growth, which can be seen in the manufacturing, tourism and export sectors.

Needs financial sector reform to remove corruption, and inadequate infrastructure is also holding back growth. But a current push to curb inefficient government spending could open up funding for much needed projects.

Economic reform in Iran is beginning, particularly in the energy sector, which is subsidised to provide very low prices.

South Korea
The potential for growth in this large industrialised country lies in economic reforms that shift from a reliance on manufacturing and exports to internal drivers.

Better macroeconomic management and reforms, along with infrastructure investment and improvements to energy use and the education system are anticipated to keep Mexico growing.

The modernisation of the banking system and privatisation of oil have attracted private investment. More investment in the health care sector is needed to improve Nigeria’s very low life expectancy.

Long-term growth will be driven by urbanisation, improvements in education and healthcare, and diversifying the export base.

The Philippines
It has strong population growth and a reliance on the domestic economy particularly its business outsourcing industry. Further structural reforms and infrastructure investment, and reducing poverty levels, are key to further growth.

Is a mix of old and new economy with a large agriculture base and a focus on clothing and textiles and car production. Private sector infrastructure investment will add to its growth potential.

Boasts a very competitive export industry that will help improve living standards, leading to further urbanisation and increasing domestic consumption.


– article orginally appeared in Colonial First State’s e-iQ publication

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