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Money and Relationships

Money and Relationships One in three marriages end in divorce. The days of the sole breadwinner looking after all the family finances without any involvement of their partner are long gone. With two-income families more often the norm, both parties in a relationship have a say in the financial situation […]

Hitting 40 soon? Follow these 4 simple financial rules

If you’re hitting 40 soon, you should be thinking about your retirement more seriously, seriously! Every money decision you make can have a huge impact on your retirement plans. Take a closer look at your financial position and see where you’re heading next. It helps if you have already started […]

Online Security and What You Need to Know

As email becomes the way we communicate in our personal and business lives, it is important to consider the security of your email and ways to protect your online identity. A client of Smith Wealth Partners recently had their email hacked and a request for a withdrawal of a large […]

Is your will still relevant?

Many of our best laid plans rarely follow through exactly as we might have hoped. However, it’s another story when it comes to planning for what happens after we’ve left this planet. Our ideas about who will benefit from our estate could potentially change often during our lifetime. Estate planning […]

The tale of two brothers

This fascinating article uses a case study to explain how asset ownership affects a financial plan. It compares two ways to structure how assets are held with very different outcomes. The tale of two brothers Estate planning is about more than just writing a will. Asset ownership during your lifetime […]