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Fascinating charts

I found the below charts extremely interesting and had to share! 1. Chart of the S&P500 Total Return Index, which shows all the “reasons to sell” since the GFC. To me it illustrates how focusing on short-term “noise” is not beneficial to your long-term investing goals. 2. This graphic shows […]

Don’t lose your home! Alternative ways to pay for aged care

Anyone who has helped an elderly relative make the move into aged care knows that it can be a traumatic experience. It involves a move from the familiar – a home that a loved one may have lived in for decades – to the unfamiliar, a care facility with many […]

How patience has paid off for long-term investors

According to Vanguard’s 2021 Index Chart, investors who stay the course tend to be more successful in the long run than those who try to time when to buy and sell. In early 2020, over just a few weeks, global share markets tumbled more than 35 per cent. Sparked by […]

What FY22 may bring after COVID bust and boom

The impact of COVID-19 was sudden and unexpected, taking markets by surprise.  As many investors will no doubt recall, many asset classes quickly dived amid extreme volatility in March 2020, the Aussie stock market crashing over 20 per cent over that month alone.  But super fund members who held their […]

How often should you check investment returns?

  By Tony Kaye, Senior Personal Finance Writer, Vanguard Australia It’s natural to want to monitor your portfolio value, but how often is too often? Is there any real benefit in checking your investment returns daily, weekly, or even monthly? Before you started reading this article, did you already do […]