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4 smart strategies for estate planning

We all live in hope that when we pass, we’re not forgotten. We’d also like to believe that the money we’ve worked so hard for will help to give our kids and grandkids a better life. But for those who don’t have a plan in place, and would rather leave […]

Did you know gifting can impact your Age Pension?

What is gifting? Gifting can be a viable strategy as gifts given within certain limits can not only provide you with the satisfaction of being able to help others, but also slightly increase your Age Pension benefit entitlement. However, exceeding these limits could result in the gift continuing to be treated […]

4 Steps to help you protect your income

Many of us don’t hesitate to insure physical assets such as our home, contents and vehicles, but what about our greatest asset of all – our ability to earn an income? While we’d all like to picture a smooth road ahead, sometimes that’s just not the case. Protecting your income […]

The economy: learn the basics in 5 minutes

Not economically savvy? Not to worry, this short guide will help you learn the basics on the economy and improve your financial know-how. 1. What is the ASX? ASX stands for Australian Securities Exchange (not stock exchange like many people think). How does it work? The ASX provides a market […]

New financial year super strategies

The start of the financial year is a good time to think about how you could build your super and start saving for retirement. Here are some options to consider to help your super work harder for you. Tax-deductible super contributions You may be eligible to claim a tax deduction […]