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Are you or a loved one entering residential aged care?

Do you or a loved one need to move from the family home?

Would you like to minimise aged care fees?

Everyone’s situation is different, which means it’s important to seek advice before making any decisions about aged care. Whatever the circumstances, here are some questions to guide your thinking: 

  • How much is needed for aged care fees and other expenses?
  • How much income is required to meet expenses?
  • How much should be set aside for emergencies?
  • What sort of investments could be chosen to help provide capital growth?
  • Do you or a loved one have a valid Will and have you considered appointing an enduring power of attorney(s)?
  • How do you maximise age pension entitlements?

How we can help?

Entering into an aged care facility can be a difficult step and preparation is the key to ensuring the best outcome. If you’re looking into aged care for yourself or a loved one, please talk to us to ensure you understand all your options and to ensure you’re prepared for the future.