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TFN – Why your tax file number is important

— Another number that’s as important throughout your life as your birthdate is your tax file number (TFN). Your TFN is the one, unique number, which links all your investments, superannuation and taxation to your identity. Assigned to you by the Taxation Commissioner, it applies for the rest of your […]

Aged Care – Save Thousands with the Right Advice!!

— Australia has an ageing population and as a result we are receiving an increasing number of requests for advice on aged care issues. Sadly in some cases by the time we are consulted some poor decisions have already been made, which has cost families thousands of dollars that could […]

Is your insurance structurally-sound?

___________ It’s always a smart strategy to protect your family’s lifestyle with life insurance. But it’s even smarter if you can get the structure right for your circumstances. When you take out life insurance, it’s an investment for your future. With that cover in place, you know that if you […]

Is the current Aussie share recovery going to last?

______________________ After being dragged down by the global financial crisis, Australian shares have made a come back. But is this improved performance sustainable and how does this compare to previous recoveries? Profitable or not? Investment author Rob Arnott once said: “In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.”1 Investing in […]

Beware the latest online scam

_________________________ A new online scam has been doing the rounds and this one, coming just after tax time, claims to be from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). False refund claims An email purporting to be from the ATO, has been landing in a number of Australian’s inboxes. The email says a […]