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Is your will still relevant?

Many of our best laid plans rarely follow through exactly as we might have hoped. However, it’s another story when it comes to planning for what happens after we’ve left this planet. Our ideas about who will benefit from our estate could potentially change often during our lifetime. Estate planning […]

The tale of two brothers

This fascinating article uses a case study to explain how asset ownership affects a financial plan. It compares two ways to structure how assets are held with very different outcomes. The tale of two brothers Estate planning is about more than just writing a will. Asset ownership during your lifetime […]

Just 30 minutes per day!

Our civilised way of life has removed much of the need for physical fitness. We now drive where once we walked and machines replace many of the chores of everyday life. For many of us, our work day is spent sitting in front of a computer, but looking at this […]

What is your concept of retirement?

The concept of retirement has changed dramatically over the generations but there remains one constant for most of us planning the end of our working life – to be able to do what we want, when we want. No more alarm clocks, no more commuting and no more demanding bosses! […]

How To Save and Invest For Each Decade Of Your Life

Our goal in this post is to make sure that you get the right foundations in place to save and invest to secure your financial future. We give you key financial goals to aim for in each decade of your life along with general tips and guidance. In your 20s […]